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This is a software application that allows any type of user to find and connect plugins that you might need to Total Commander.

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Vic Plugin Manager is a software application that allows users to find and connect various plugins to an already installed Total Commander.

The interface of the Vic Plugin Manager program is quite similar to Total Commander’s. This becomes evident especially when you take a look at the buttons used in both applications. Despite all this, the Vic Plugin Manager is user-friendly, with buttons on the upper side and on the right side of the main window, which permit you to view different files, ‘Tools and Settings’, but also load or save a profile, reload INI (the format for configuration files) or restart Total Commander.

Furthermore, a thing that is worth mentioning is that after installing Vic Plugin Manager on to your PC, a button opening this program appears in Total Commander. This is a very nice feature that permits easy access to users.

Another feature that you are definitely going to like about this software app is that you have the possibility of backing up and restoring INI files. This means that if you need to reinstall your Windows, for any reason, you can reload all your favorite settings into Total Commander with just a few clicks.

All in all, Vic Plugin Manager is a useful software application that allows users to find and install plugins to Total Commander, but also save, backup and restore all the settings applied to the program. The only problem with Vic Plugin Manager is that there are not so many people that still use Total Commander.

Vic Plugin manager was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on October 12th, 2013
Vic Plugin managerVic Plugin managerVic Plugin manager

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