XML Maker/Flattener2.0.1

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Create XML document from tab-delimited (flat) files or extract information from XML document in a tab-delimited file




XML Maker/Flattener provides a graphical interface used to map fields from a tab-delimited file to the elements of a XML schema (xsd) and create compliant XML Document. A second interface permits to select the nodes of interest in the schema and export corresponding information from a XML Document to a flat (e.g. tab-delimited file).

XML Maker and XML Flattener are two applications that allow to convert tab delimited files to XML documents and XML documents to tab-delimited files according to an XML schema. Both application can be used either with or without graphical interface. The graphical interface allows to load an XML schema and to create a mapping between flat (tab delimited) files and XML document. Once a mapping has been created, it can be reused directly on the command line.

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Last updated on December 22nd, 2009

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