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A reliable and user-friendly software solution that helps you easily manage your images and videos when using touchscreen devices

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There are many applications that can help you manage your files with ease, but the great majority of them are cumbersome to use on touchscreen-enabled devices due to their tiny menus and buttons or intricate commands.

nuiSense for Windows 8.1 aims to offer a viable solution to all those who use touchscreen devices, while being equally handy to people who use the mouse and keyboard.

Multimedia manager for touchscreen-enabled devices

It needs to be emphasized from the get-go that the utility can only be installed on computers and tablets running Windows 8.1, so you first need to upgrade the OS before running the app.

When you run nuiSense for first time, you need to create a so-called album where you can later add the images and videos you want to preview.

You can also set a limit for how many items you want to include in each album, as well as activate automatic video playback or loop. Moreover, you can customize the slideshow by adjusting the time that should pass between slides.

Resize and rotate images or videos

Once you have selected the files you are interested in, you can open the newly-created album and click the thumbnails you want to preview within the dedicated panel.

If you are working on a touchscreen device, you can easily tap the screen to zoom in or out, and to rotate to the angle you prefer. If you are using a mouse and keyboard, you can still enjoy the same functions, as instructed by the helpful tips displayed within nuiSense.

Any added video can be played with a single mouse click or tap, and you can change its volume and pause as you see fit.


To wrap it up, nuiSense for Windows 8.1 can come in handy to all users who want to impress their friends and family by creating slideshows or displaying items in a modern-looking interface, especially since it is adapted to work flawlessly on touchscreen-enabled devices.

nuiSense for Windows 8.1 was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on April 5th, 2014
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