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Transfer Music from one iPod to another in a simple manner using a straightforward process that can save you time which you can spend listening to music

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iPod 2 iPod is an application designed to help you easily transfer music from your iPod to your computer or to other iPod devices that are connected to the PC.

It displays a comprehensive interface, which makes it a cinch to browse the contents of your devices and transfer content between them. The main window of the application is split into two large columns that allow you explore two devices independently.

When you want to transfer a file, all you have to do is open the source and destination locations on the devices and then click an arrow button that points to the device you want to transfer to or, simply drag and release files in their new folders.

iPod 2 iPod enables you to view all the tracks in a classic list or grouped into playlists. You can also create new playlists, edit their names or delete them entirely from the device. Moreover, it’s also possible to create backups of your iPod devices in a simple manner and then restore them anytime you need to.

The application allows you to move tracks, playlists, entire artist discographies and share them with other devices that are connected. In case you don’t have any other devices, you can create a virtual iPod and use it as your backup.

iPod 2 iPod also comes with some additional features that make transferring and organizing files a lot more convenient. You get to select similar songs, find duplicates, protected songs and view their properties.

In closing, if you’re looking for a fast and reliable way in which you can transfer, organize and backup files found on your iPod device, you can certainly try iPod 2 iPod.

iPod 2 iPod was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
iPod 2 iPod - In order to use iPod 2 iPod you need to connect the devices you want to process

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