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Use your iPod shuffle like a regular memory stick

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iPod shuffle Manager is a lightweight application that aims to help you manage the audio tracks database for your iPod Shuffle device. The program allows your player to access the audio files transferred to the audio player without using the iTunes application.

You can use this tool for updating the internal database of your device with any audio file that has been added by using Windows Explorer or other file managers. In order to use the program you need to copy it to your iPod and run it after you have uploaded the new files.

The goal of the app is to scan the content of your storage device and to rebuild the database used by the iPod to play the tracks. This allows the player to find the added files and to play them without any problems.

The program has an easy to use interface that allows you to view the detected tracks and the playback statistics. If you use the iPod to play audiobooks, you can mark them on the list in order to enable the bookmarking feature. This allows the player to remember the playback time when you switch tracks.

The Eject button allows you to safely remove the player in order to view the battery charging status. The interface is self-explanatory but it is recommended to check the documentation from the developer's website before using the app for the first time.

The resources required by the program are insignificant. Although it uses a lot of CPU time while scanning the files, it has no impact on the computer performance.

If you are tired of using the iTunes application every time you want to copy a file to your iPod Shuffle, this tool can help you save time. However, you should be aware that it only works with the first two generations of the player.

iPod shuffle Manager was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on September 6th, 2012
iPod shuffle Manager - iPod shuffle Manager will help you use your iPod shuffle like a regular memory stick

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