iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer)

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This neat application allows you to manage the data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod devices as well as remove the already installed tools

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If you own an iOS device and you want to backup data to your computer, the dedicated application you can use is iTunes - if you are looking for a utility with more features and a friendlier interface, you can try iPhone 5 Transfer.

The app installs without glitches as long as you have iTunes installed on your computer - next, you need to connect your iOS device to the PC using its dedicated USB cable.

iPhone 5 Transfer supports several types of devices, such as iPhone (4/3GS, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S), iPad (2, 3, mini, 4, Air) and iPod (Touch 4 and lower, Touch 5, Nano 6 and lower, Nano 7). However, you might need to restart the app several times until your device is detected, especially if you are running Windows 8.

The main window of the tool enables you to analyze some data regarding your device, such as its type, serial number and iOS version, as well as the battery level.

You can start exploring the multimedia files on your device and choose the items you want to transfer to your PC or to iTunes - you can also select local tracks and import them to your iOS device. Alternatively, you can also watch videos or listen to any chosen audio track.

Furthermore, you can also preview photos and explore books, contacts or messages from your Apple device, and mark the files you want to backup. You can also restore a previously created backup file using iPhone 5 Transfer.

Additionally, the application can also be used to uninstall programs from your iOS device or back them up on your computer, to the folder you specify.

All in all, iPhone 5 Transfer can be a handy solution for managing the files, folders and apps on your iOS device, however it might prove to be a little unstable and rough around the edges, considering the occasional freezes it might cause.

iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on December 22nd, 2014
iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF! ] - You can view several details of your connected iPhone such as serial number and available space capacity.iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF! ] - The Video tab allows you to add, remove or select the media files from your device.iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF! ] - From the Music tab you can send the audio files to your computer or iTunes and also delete them.iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF! ] - You can add new multimedia files to create a new playlist or load an existing one.iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF! ] - The Photos tab allows you to import, export or delete your favorite graphic files.iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF! ] - screenshot #6iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF! ] - screenshot #7iAny Transfer (formerly iPhone 5 Transfer) [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF! ] - screenshot #8

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