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Charge your Apple iPad with ease using this pretty interesting application designed for the sole purpose it serves and serves it well

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i-Charger provides you with an application that promises you can now charge the battery of your iPad tablet using the USB ports of your computer.

For starters, trying to do that would normally fail miserably as the iPad requires a specific current in order to start charging up its battery. On a more in-depth analysis, an ordinary USB port delivers 500 mA (milliamperes) or half an ampere, while the iPad needs a 1.2 amperes to initiate the charging operation.

This is what the i-Charger does on a technical level, while on a non-technical one, it simply brings a big smile on the face of each and every supported MSI motherboard user that always wanted to charge their iPads by simply connecting them to their computers.

Yes, you rightly noted that i-Charger only works on PCs equipped with some, not all, MSI (Micro-Star) mainboards. In order to find out whether your MSI product supports this feature, you can do that by accessing the BIOS and look for the i-Charger option.

If you experience i-Charger not working on your computer, you have to make sure that the feature is already enabled in BIOS before launching it in Windows environment. As a side note, you can also uninstall it, enable it in BIOS the re-install it in order to make sure you got everything right.

The bottom line is that i-Charger delivers exactly what it is created to and that is always a plus in anyone’s book. Although it only works with a few MSI mainboards makes you look twice when purchasing a motherboard. ASUS and Gigabyte also have similar applications for their MBs and together with MSI they offer more than other hardware companies when it comes to technology, stability and durability.

i-Charger was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 16th, 2013

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