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A lightweight application that allows you to store website bookmarks into custom categories, as well as login credentials for each of them

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Keeping track of all the interesting websites you happen to visit each day on the Internet can be quite difficult, especially without a specialized program to help you store and organize them. In addition, most of them also require authentication in order to properly view their full content, which means that you need to remember usernames and passwords as well.

Store and organize your website collection into categories

Weber is a software utility that enables you to easily keep a list of your most favorite websites, which can be visited whenever you want, by accessing them from the main window of the application. In order to organize them even further, you can create separate categories and store the web links separate from each other, sorted by type or various other custom parameters.

Beside the site name and URL, the application also allows you to add a short description for each bookmark, in which you can express a few general ideas concerning the purpose of the respective website. Furthermore, the entire list can be easily sorted by any of the available attributes and you can password-protect the categories from being access without your consent.

Rank the websites using a star system and store your user credentials

Another way of sorting the bookmarks is by rating each one using the built-in star system, which allows you to rate the items according to their quality. Hence, these can be used to filter and display only the best results first, in order to offer you the best surfing experience. These ratings can be changed at any time by using the application's toolbar.

For each website, the utility allows you to store the user credentials as well, so that you can automatically login each time you visit the desired bookmark. Along the user ID and password, you can store a password description as well, which can be used to provide you with hints in case you happen to forget it.

Closing arguments

Although you may sometimes stumble upon functionality issues, the application can perform adequately after you learn how to properly make use of it. In addition, the password protection capabilities and the fact that you can rate the bookmarks make Weber a handy application to have around on your computer, especially if you need a way to organize your long list of favorite websites.

Weber was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 8th, 2015
Weber - The main window of the application allows you to add websites, categories and user IDs.

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