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Browse the web quickly and easily with the Ace Explorer browser that provides access to a multi-tabbed environment, favorites and autocomplete

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Ace Explorer is an Internet browser that aside from possibilities to navigate the web, provides a rich toolset that concern system related functions, as well as mailing and news options.

Although it was an appreciated browser in its time, Ace Explorer has been superseded by modern navigators, because active development was not maintained throughout the years. This led to an outdated technology that no longer manages to satisfy user needs.

Despite being an old-fashioned browser, the interface sports an intuitive and user-friendly interface that comprises an accessible set of buttons and menus. It’s aimed at a wide array of audiences and is easy to work and experiment with, on account of both its appearance and functionality.

It is a multi-tabbed browser, but places the tabs at the bottom of the main window, a less common approach that causes a bit of discomfort, especially if you’re used to the classic positioning that similar applications use.

The program contains all the features characteristic to a web browser, including webpage controls (back, forward, stop, refresh, home, etc), access to favorites and autocomplete, as well as a complementary set of tools with shortcuts to a variety of system utilities, mail, news, scripts, trace cleanup and download management.

Unfortunately, no matter how rich its feature set is, Ace Explorer proves that it’s an outdated browser each time you try to load a flash page or a website that contains animations. It scored 42 points (out of 555) on the HTML5 test, which is very little.

All in all, Ace Explorer lacks the speed and the performance of a modern web browser. Chances of it being updated are extremely low, which is too bad, because it showed promise.

Ace Explorer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 12th, 2013
Ace Explorer - Ace Explorer was designed to provide superior browsing speed.Ace Explorer - You will have fewer crashes and lockups with this browser.Ace Explorer - The View menu allows you to add toolbars and to also use the explorer bar.Ace Explorer - Here is how you are able to access web email accounts.Ace Explorer - The Tools menu is allowing you to set the default browser and to also do a site filter.

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