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An intuitive and easy to use browser that offers its users a simple and straightforward means of surfing the Net in a private manner

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Arora is an application designed as an alternative to your web browser which implements a set of basic and intuitive features.

User-friendly interface

After a first glance, it’s easy to see that you won’t have any problems accessing Arora’s functions. It displays a comprehensive interface which makes it accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience with computers.

You get the classic ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ navigation buttons, the URL section where you type in the website address you want to visit as well as a quick search section. Apart from this, you are able to open multiple tabs and access various settings and configure the application from a top panel that houses all the menus.

Bookmark and history functions

As you would expect from any basic browser, Arora offers you the possibility to save visited webpages as bookmarks so you can get back to them anytime you want. Bookmarked pages can be stored in a designated list or added to the ‘Bookmarks Bar’ from where you can quickly open them.

As far as the browser history is concerned, you can access it from the ‘History’ menu and from there you can see all the recently visited web sites. If you want to keep your browsing private, Arora allows you to clear the history with one click. For a thorough cleaning of private data, you can also choose to remove the download and search history along with cookies and cached web pages.

Private browsing

Arora takes interest in providing the means to browse the Internet privately. It allows you to enable a ‘Private Browsing’ function which means that no web pages are added to the history, items are deleted from the downloads section immediately after you close the browser and cookies will not be stored.

A nice browser but a bit shaky

Looking back at the presented features, you can say that Arora is a decent browser to have on your computer but since its development has come to a halt a few years ago, it can’t deal with a lot of today’s websites. In short, web pages that are a bit more complex than the Google homepage seem to make Arora crash completely.

Arora was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
Arora - This is the main window of Arora that will allow you to access all the features of the application.Arora - The right-click action in Arora will reveal these useful commands you can use to manage the selected item.Arora - Arora also gives you some editing functions that are easily accessible from this menu of the application.AroraAroraAroraAroraAroraAroraAroraAroraAroraArora

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