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Quickly look up items using the search engine you want, visit social networks with a single click and enjoy all of your favorite web pages

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Since Internet connections are getting better and better all over the wold, surfing the web nowadays is mostly picking a web browser you consider equipped with most of what you need. In this constant struggle to provide comfort and elegance, BOLT Web Browser tries to come as an alternative to commonly used web browsers.

Simple design makes it easy to use

Fitted with a plain interface, with no shiny visual elements, it reserves most of the workspace to displaying content of the web page you want to visit. Besides necessary navigation buttons and address field, you also manage to find three separate search engines that look up items on YouTube, Google or Bing.

Quickly access popular social networks

Navigation speed is decent, and further accessibility options are provided by a few quick launch buttons that almost instantly take you to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or Blogger. Unfortunately, in order to access more pages simultaneously you need to run more instances of the application because tab support is not implemented.

Good but far from being a pro

What's more, you cannot customize the list of pages you can quickly access, the predefined ones being locked. Further limitations are encountered due to the lack of a bookmarks manager or history tracker. However, what you are able to save is a homepage which is brought up each time you launch the application or the dedicated button is pressed.

Feature set is slightly limited to elements mentioned above. The overall impression leaves a little something to be desired, certain pages being oddly displayed, with links and text difficult to access or read. What's more, for what it provides, resource consumption can run a little high.

To end with

All things considered, BOLT Web Browser doe not fully live up to expectations, with a lot more to learn from its more advanced competitors. Speed is decent and design offers enough navigation space, but it's lack of important, nowadays basic features keep it a little far from being a suitable alternative.

BOLT Web Browser was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on September 18th, 2014
BOLT Web Browser - BOLT Web Browser is an application that allows you to navigate to your favorite websites.BOLT Web Browser - screenshot #2

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