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A simple browser designed to be an improved Internet Explorer, featuring options to open multiple tabs, clear browser cache and save snapshots

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Browser SX is an alternative to the standard Internet Explorer browser, with extra useful features.

Even though it was based and built on Internet Explorer as a replacement, the main purpose and functions are similar to both.

Tabbed browsing

Internet browsers used to be quite heavy in the requirements department when tab browsing was nonexistent, because of the multiple windows opened. Today, any respectable browser has this feature incorporated, and so does Browser SX.

A multitude of options

You have the option to save one or more tabs, in order to open them later to continue your projects.

If you closed windows by mistake, you can always restore them from the File menu. Or even search through the history, to find items by date, in chronological order of last use.

Useful tools for protecting private data

Browser SX allows you to delete your browser cache or typed URLs from the search bar. And for even more privacy, you can delete the whole history, with a single click

Easy to use YouTube Downloader

With just a few clicks, you can save a video from YouTube or a similar website, either in normal quality or in HD. You can specify where you want the files to be saved.

Another useful function is the screenshot option, which enables you to save what you see in the browser as an image file.

Intuitive interface

Even though it may have difficulties displaying some of the buttons in Windows 8, the interface is easy to understand and use.

The loading of pages might be difficult on machines with slow Internet connection, but Browser SX offers you a few options to straighten out the issue.

You can disable the loading of images or videos while browsing, or disable the background sounds, meaning that your pages will load much faster.


Browser SX is an easy to use alternative of the standard Internet Explorer browser, with multiple useful features incorporated. Overall, Browser SX is a good application with miscellaneous features in the skin of the old IE.

Browser SX was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on January 7th, 2015
Browser SX - When you launch the browser, you can open multiple tabs for Internet navigation.Browser SX - You can add new tabs, save already open ones or take screenshots of your browser then save them as image files.Browser SX - In the View menu, you can enable or disable the stats bar, the tool bar or the main menu.Browser SXBrowser SXBrowser SXBrowser SXBrowser SXBrowser SX

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