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Browzar is a portable, multi-tabbed web browser that allows you to anonymously navigate the online environment, without leaving any traces on the computer you're using.

This type of application comes in handy the moment you share your computer with multiple users, in order to maintain a high level of privacy concerning sensitive information.

Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can save the app to a USB flash drive or similar storage unit, and run it on any computer. This way, you can keep Browzar in your pocket whenever you're on the move.

More importantly, the Windows Registry section does not receive entry updates, and files are not left behind on the hard drive after program removal.

The interface of the web browser is clean and intuitive. You can switch to full screen mode, manage multiple tabs, block popup windows automatically and securely delete files.

But you can also clean up the web browser by force when it comes to the history, cookies, temporary Internet and Java files, together with Flash local shared objects. In addition, Browzar provides a “.com” button, so you can just type in an address without an extension, click the respective button, and the web browser automatically loads it for you.

Browzar runs on a moderate-to-high quantity of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and loads web pages rapidly. We have not encountered any issues throughout our evaluation, since the tool did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. To sum it up, Browzar provides users with a secured environment for navigating the Internet anonymously.

Browzar was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 14th, 2013
Browzar - Within the main window of the software you can easily navigate through your favorite webpages.Browzar - From the File menu the user can quickly open a new tab or a new window.Browzar - Cut, Copy, Paste or Select All are some of the functions available in the Edit menu.Browzar - screenshot #4Browzar - screenshot #5Browzar - screenshot #6Browzar - screenshot #7Browzar - screenshot #8

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