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A lightweight web browser that enables you to surf the Internet from within a simple and intuitive interface, without any additional distractions

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Thanks to the wide array of Internet browsers variants available online, anyone can choose the one that suits them best, depending on the functions they most desire from a such an utility. Thus, whether you crave for a collection of specialized add-ons and extensions, or you want to enjoy a simple and unhindered browsing experience, there are more than enough solutions for you to choose from.

A lightweight web browsing experience

CIGNEO is a web browser that takes at stab at simplicity, by providing you with a very basic Internet navigator and not that many features to begin with. Thus, beside the actual web page, the application does not crowd the interface with any type of additional button, text field or any other item, which leaves you to enjoy the pages without any distractions.

The term lightweight, on the other hand, also implies a few restrictions when it comes to functionality, since it is not enough just to be able to open the desired web page. Hence, you cannot open or use multiple tabs at the same time, nor save bookmarks, which can slow you down quite a bit if you are used to being able to work with multiple websites at once.

Refresh websites with a simple click

As far as the features that are included into the application, there are a few buttons which can be used to enrich your browsing experience a notch. Among them, you can find a basic refresh button, which can also be accessed by using the well-known F5 shortcut on your keyboard. In addition, you can also stop loading a website and go backwards or forwards between pages with the help of the navigation buttons.

In spite of these features, you might still find yourself lacking certain vital functions that usually make part of a web browser, such as a page history, search bar, or the ability to view and sort your downloads. Furthermore, you are still left with more or less the same amount of resource consumption, regardless of the missing functionality.

A lackluster Internet browser

To conclude with, CIGNEO is a fast and easy-to-use web browser, only without any other feature that might help you customize and improve your surfing experience. Thus, there are very few reasons for which you might choose it over other, more complete applications, especially since you are not winning anything when it comes to resource consumption levels.

CIGNEO was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
CIGNEO - CIGNEO enables you to navigate to the desired webpage in seconds and browse the Web freely.

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