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A powerful Chrome-based browser mainly aimed at gamers, but which provides everything the average user would need to navigate the Internet at full speed

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Coowon Browser is a useful and efficient application designed to provide you with an enhanced web browsing experience, as well as several other functions that can come in handy when surfing the Internet.

This piece of software is based on Chromium, meaning it has all the capabilities of Google Chrome, along with some extra tools, that make it a great utility for gamers, but it can very well appeal to anyone interested in the additional functionality it features.

As such, aside from the regular web browsing abilities, Coowon Browser offers a screenshot capturing tool. This enables you to grab an image using a user-defined area, from the currently open web page, or anything else on your desktop, on condition that Coowon Browser is also running.

The grabbed image can be uploaded, shared on various social networks, used to search on Google for similar pages as well as printed, copied or saved to your PC. Moreover, you can apply text or various shapes onto the picture (line, arrow, rectangle) or highlight certain parts of it using the marker.

Moreover, Coowon Browser supports the input of gamepads, while the keyboard simulation feature allows you to map out the proper gamepad buttons as keys, handy particularly in the case of games which do not offer direct support for this type of devices.

The 'Game Tools' panel enables you to use the 'Record and Play' component, designed especially for games that require repetitive actions, such as mouse clicks. It helps you capture various movements and play them gradually or in a loop, thus allowing you to automate sections of your games rather than wasting time and sitting through those parts, when you could be doing something else.

To conclude, Coowon Browser is a great software solution that merges the functionality of Chrome with several game-related features, to provide you with the best experience possible both when exploring the Internet and when playing online.

Coowon Browser was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Coowon Browser - screenshot #1Coowon Browser - screenshot #2Coowon Browser - screenshot #3Coowon Browser - screenshot #4Coowon Browser - screenshot #5Coowon Browser - screenshot #6Coowon Browser - Coowon Browser comes with a well organized interface that you can use to navigate the Internet with ease.Coowon Browser - Coowon Browser comes with a set of handy tools thay are easily accessible from the main menu.Coowon Browser - Coowon Browser comes with a built-in tool that will help you make the pages load faster and reach amazing speeds.

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