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Simple yet powerful web browser that features a great variety of highly configurable tools, a user-friendly interface and reliable browsing functionalities

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Deepnet Explorer is a web browser that also includes a P2P client and RSS reader.

The interface of the tool is simplistic and intuitive. Deepnet Explorer can be used by both novices and experienced individuals.

When it comes to the web browser features, Deepnet Explorer supports multiple tabs and you can specify the default search engine.

You can save a session and use a session manager, reopen the last closed window, create and organize a favorites list, zoom in and out, change text size and view the source page in a text document.

Furthermore, you can switch to full screen mode, change the interface language, create shortcuts for webpages, enable autologin, set a master password, use a password and form manager, as well as enable a phishing alarm, adverts and content killer, assign keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, and more.

News is organized by age and categories (e.g. "Top Stories", "Business", "Entertainment", "Sports") and you can add a new channel, folder or group. The PSP client allows you to search for and download media files (audio, video, images, documents, applications or all) once you have connected to an IP address.

The software takes up a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, includes a well-drawn help file and its overall response time is very good. However, it popped up several errors during our tests (regarding plugins) and we were forced to close it at some point. Also, the news and PSP area need some improvements.

All in all, Deepnet Explorer doesn't necessarily excel in a particular area, but what makes it one-of-a-kind is the fact that it incorporates three major features (web browser, RSS reader, PSP client) that are indispensable to most users. We highly recommend it.

Deepnet Explorer was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 16th, 2012
Deepnet Explorer - Deepnet Explorer supports viewing web pages in multiple tabs and organizing them in foldersDeepnet Explorer - Users can save pages, send links via e-mail, import and export data from and to other browsers and also work offlineDeepnet Explorer - Deepnet Explorer features various tools, such as Auto Login, Phishing Alarm, Adverts Killer, Content Filter and Proxy ManagerDeepnet Explorer - General settings include automatic grouping of new tabs, enabling drag and drop options and disabling web page script error detectorDeepnet Explorer - Users can switch between various search engines, customize the list by adding or removing entries and setting their favorite as defaultDeepnet Explorer - The Phishing Alarm function can be enabled and customized, allowing users to update its database and report a siteDeepnet Explorer - Deepnet Explorer features a configurable Popup Killer that alerts users by playing a custom sound when a popup is not allowedDeepnet Explorer - Users can enable the Content Filter function and customize it by adding unwanted items to the black listDeepnet Explorer - The Content Control function allows users to block content such as images, scripts, Flash, sound and ActiveXDeepnet Explorer - Users can customize the application behavior when opening new windows by toggling various options

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