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Enigma Browser - A browser built for speed

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Enigma Browser is a web browser that supports multiple tabs and primarily focuses on speed.

The interface of the application is familiar and simplistic. You shouldn't have any problems in getting around its features.

You can open multiple tabs and select them from the bottom part of the screen, which is quite the opposite to many web browsers where tabs are usually displayed on top.

So, you can use a search function, zoom in and out, switch to full screen mode, change the text size and encoding method, as well as "undo" the last closed page.

In addition, you can create, organize, import and export a favorites list, translate the current page into English, translate the web page (by using Google or Babelfish), look up words in dictionaries (select a predefined one or create your own bookmarks), as well as change the interface language.

Moreover, you can add, sort and organize groups, add autologin from the current page, organize autologin entries, password-protect Enigma Browser, open external tools from the menu bar, synchronize information, and others.

Furthermore, you can use keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, enable in-page Ad filter, set the web browser to automatically block popup windows, enable a site filter (create a whitelist and blacklist), and more.

The application uses a high amount of system resources, contains a well-drawn help file and has a very good response time. We haven't come across any problems during our tests.

Indeed, Enigma Browser doesn't necessarily come with groundbreaking elements for a web browser but it is fast and stable. We strongly recommend it to all users.

Enigma Browser was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 15th, 2012
Enigma BrowserEnigma BrowserEnigma Browser

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