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A practical, useful and easy-to-use web browser whose main purpose is to help users open multiple websites and browse their favorite pages

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Gloss is a simple and practical application worth having when you need to browse multiple websites and navigate to your favorite pages effortlessly.

When you launch Gloss for the first time, you are required to open a new tab, then manually enter the URL address. However, you need to make sure that the entire address is written correctly, otherwise it won’t work. In case you want to close a specific tab, you need to use the proper button, since the application does not contain an integrated right-click menu, nor supports the 'Ctrl+W' key shortcut.

Because it comes with a multi-tabbed interface, you are able to load as many webpages as you want. However, a drawback of this feature is that it does not display the name of the loaded website on the title bar, so it might become quite difficult when you need to navigate through multiple pages. For all that, the ‘Alt+Tab’ key shortcut is supported so you can immediately move to different websites.

When it comes to choosing your preferred web browser, Gloss is definitely not one of your best choices. Bookmarks, spell check, private browsing and a download manager are considered basic features any browser should have, but Gloss does not support them.

Also, you are not able to view all the recently closed tabs or windows, nor bookmark your favorite websites. Not to mention that you can't organize them the way you want. What’s more, in case you want to move back and forth on the same webpage, you need to use the proper buttons located on the main toolbar, since the ‘Backspace’ key is not supported.

Natheless, when you press on the ‘Search’ button, you are redirected to Google automatically. Irrespective of the tab you are currently on, this might become a useful feature when you need to search for information without losing time to open the Google site manually.

Although Gloss is based on the Gecko Rendering Engine, further improvements are expected since it only allows you to manually enter the URL address and browse your favorite webpages.

Gloss was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 3rd, 2014
Gloss - The Settings window enables you to adjust the toolbar and modify the size of the buttons according to your needsGloss - With the help of Gloss you are able to browse your favorite websites within seconds

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