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A collection that embeds multiple standalone versions of IE and gives you the freedom to select the IE builds that you want to install on your system

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Although decreasing in popularity, Internet Explorer remains a symbol of web browsing and will always have a wide category of fans.

The most stringent problem with IE is that owners of lesser configurations cannot run the latest version of the software because of compatibility issues. The solution to this problem is to install an IE version that is in accordance with your system performance.

Finding lower versions of Internet Explorer is not an easy task, but Internet Explorer Collection can prove to be the perfect solution.

Select the IE version that you want to install

As it names states, the software is actually an assembly of multiple standalone versions of IE, from the very first development version to the latest. You can choose which IE build you wish to be deployed on your system during the installation process, by manually selecting one or more versions of the browser.

Run different IE builds simultaneously

In case you choose a multiple installation, the program creates shortcuts for each IE version, thus allowing you to run different builds of Internet Explorer at the same time. This is particularly useful for developers who are seeking to test their applications on various IE versions in order to verify compatibility issues.

Other handy tools embedded in the package

Internet Explorer Collection also includes the Internet Developer Toolbar that consists of a wide range of tools designed to make website troubleshooting an easier task. Another component comprised in the application is the Firebug Web Development Extension, which acts as a bookmarklet and can be located in the Favorites menu.

Bottom line

Internet Explorer Collection can be of great assistance to developers who wish to study the behavior of their software on various versions of IE. The deployment is fully customizable, allowing you to select one or multiple versions of the Internet Explorer web browser.

Internet Explorer Collection was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
Internet Explorer Collection - Internet Explorer Collection pack has the ability to install Internet Explorer 3.0 on your computer.Internet Explorer Collection - Internet Explorer Collection installs Internet Explorere 2.0 on your computer so that you can browse the web.Internet Explorer Collection - Internet Explorer Collection includes even the 1.5 version of Internet Explorer so that you can use on your computer.Internet Explorer Collection - screenshot #4

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