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Explore the WWW with this browser whenever you feel like trying on something new, something that brings a fresh look and feel to its category

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K-Browser is a web browser. K-Browser is backed up by the Internet Explorer engine. K-Browser is developed using .NET technologies. K-Browser offers an alternative to Microsoft’s web browser.

As far as web browsers go, there are not many to brag about being at the top of the list. New computer users rarely find the time the test out applications in order to find one that suits their needs while also not being a popular one, and advanced users have made their decision years ago when they opted for one of the “big boys”.

Although not one of them, K-Browser brings a fresh, simplistic look to the scene while packing a few socially-connected features such as out-of-the-box RSS support as well as quick and easy access to new Facebook posts or Twitter tweets. These only help you if you are a social media addict and do not harm the ones that are not.

Aside from the mandatory tabbed browsing, the page zooming, the bookmarks and the history viewer, the real highlights of K-Browser are the ones aforementioned and that can only come as a bit of a surprise. Furthermore, the Internet Explorer engine that K-Browser uses is not the best on the market, either.

The bottom line is that K-Browser can prove to be a contender amongst the low-entry web browsers available today, but that is where it stops for the moment. In order for the K-Browser to raise the bar and enter a new level, major changes are required and until these are implemented, this piece of software may never be heard of in most community groups.

K-Browser was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 14th, 2014
K-Browser - K-Browser will help you quickly and easily explore the WWW with this easy-to-use browserK-Browser - Users will be able to rapidly share Facebook statuses or tweet your favorite events to Twitter directly from the main interface of the applicationK-Browser - The File menu will provide users with basic management functions as well as options such as open a PDFK-BrowserK-BrowserK-BrowserK-Browser

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