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Prevent your kids from accessing potentially harmful websites by having them browse with a fun and customizable web browser packed with various educational components

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The Internet is probably packed with more harmful content than it is with useful data. What's more, kids nowadays have access to it from a young age and can quickly stumble upon potentially disturbing websites, banners or ads. Luckily, there are various applications such as Kid Safe Browser that offer an extra layer of protection when online by blocking a large amount of websites.

Multiple themes and interactive companion

As the name suggests, the application is strictly designed to be used by kids and you realize this right from the start. The main window has all functions of a common web browser, such as navigation buttons, address field and more, but is wrapped in cartoon style themes, with several options to choose from.

Furthermore, youngsters are going to be accompanied by Dr. Mind Stein, a virtual companion that reads out all elements you hover the mouse cursor over, as well as giving trivia from time to time or mentioning what can and cannot be done.

Quick access to various fun and educational material

The application is built around a large community of interactive learning sessions, fun and educational videos, games and more, all of them suitable for kids. These can easily be accessed from a side panel that's well-organized with several categories such as a custom search engine, favorites manager, news, cartoons, maps and more.

Navigation is not limited to a single page, with the possibility to run multiple instances of the application at the press of a button. However, the amount of Internet freedom provided won't require more than an instance.

Manage content that can be accessed

A handful of other websites can be accessed besides the ones in the library. When stumbling upon websites with potentially harmful content, a message prompts you to provide a valid parent email address in order to decide whether or not to grant access to the specific website.

These can be configured from the options menu. However, you need to be a registered user in order to have access to management options, which is only a small price to pay in order to keep youngsters from hopelessly wondering through the dark corners of the Internet.

To sum it up

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Kid Safe Browser manages to keep harmful content away by completely blocking access to it. If you're part of the community, customization becomes a plus and you can add exceptions, otherwise only providing an incredibly limited environment with colorful elements, games and educational activities.

Kid Safe Browser was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on December 23rd, 2014
Kid Safe Browser - To open Kid Safe Browser the parent will have to input the password so that the children can't access the Internet on their own.Kid Safe Browser - This is the main window of Kid Safe Browser that offers the same functionality as other internet browsers.Kid Safe Browser - From the tools menu of Kid Safe Browser you can set the, popup blocker and Internet options, access the parent administration panel and change the icon and password.

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