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All-in-one software application from Microsoft that lets you explore a webpage, send an email, start a chat conversation with one of your friends and more

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If you are new to the Internet world, you might find it easier to manage all your tasks within a single application.

In other words, it is more comfortable to work within the same environment no matter if you want to explore a webpage, send an email or start a chat conversation with one of your friends. This is precisely the goal of MSN Explorer.

Clean feature lineup

Featuring an intuitive and well-structured interface, this application permits you to create an account for each family member, thus preserving their privacy and keeping their links neatly organized.

Configure your Hotmail account

When setting up their Hotmail account (as this is the only type of service this tool supports), you need to specify the username and password only once, during configuration – once all the details are completed, you can start sending email messages without any other interference from the app.

Reminders, spam, chat and other handy features

In addition to these functions, you can set up reminders for sending certain messages at the time you choose or you can send emails on a regular basis. Unimportant incoming messages and spam can be sent directly to Junk so you can focus on your Inbox messages.

Using the same Hotmail account, you can also login to the chat section of MSN Explorer, add your friends and begin conversations within the same window. Furthermore, you can keep track of appointments and meetings, organize them into a calendar and make sure they do not overlap.

The browser comes with all the basic functions you might need, including creating bookmarks so you can access your favorite pages at a later time, with a simple mouse click.

Bottom line

All in all, MSN Explorer can help you efficiently manage your business mails, contacts and meetings, while also storing all your multimedia files and monitoring the stock.

MSN Explorer was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
MSN ExplorerMSN ExplorerMSN Explorer

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