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MultiWeb Viewer is an internet browser which creates and displays multiple groups of websites simultaneously




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MultiWeb Viewer is an internet browser which creates and displays multiple groups of websites simultaneously. Instantly view pre-selected websites.

The MultiWeb Viewer performs the tasks necessary to efficiently view multiple web site from a personal computer. MultiWeb conveniently provides direct access to Internet, and Intranet Websites.

MultiWeb Viewer was designed as a web browsing utility which will help you in creating and viewing multiple sites.

The MultiWeb Viewer loads multiple Intranet/Internet websites at the same time for viewing. Favorite sites can be organized into groups by category. One or more groups of websites may be selected to load into the MultiWeb Viewer. Once loaded, access between the various sites is instantaneous. Company employees connected to the Internet can be restricted to specific Intranet/Internet sites for tutorial or information resources.

Here are some key features of "MultiWeb Viewer":

■ Organize related and often used websites into groups of up to 20 sites
■ Instantly access the MarketPalace Mall and eNetCenter on the Internet.
■ Avoid website load-up time by loading a website group and instantly move between those sites
■ Grab and store images from the Internet into the image library
■ Perfect tool for FAQ's, help desk, company instruction manuals, and kiosks
■ Convenient for displaying information for any classroom study topic
■ Website group files are interchangeable between users of the software
■ Link website to other URLs of a related category
■ Preset the websites for viewing on a network or on an individual computer basis
■ A favorite website group can be loaded automatically when the viewer is activated
■ The MultiWeb Viewer can be preset for specific Intranet/Internet websites from any computer
■ A client viewer can be distributed as independent software to customers, clients, employees, or students which is preset to only view specific Intranet/Internet websites (available as an add-on).


■ Personal computer 90MHz pentium processor
■ Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or NT4.0 operating system
■ 16 MB RAM (32MB recommended)
■ 10 MB of available hard disk space
■ 28800 Modem for the communication applications
■ 3.5 disk drive and CDRom drive
■ Mouse or pointing device
■ Internet Explorer (required for MultiWeb Viewer)


■ 14 days trial
Last updated on March 7th, 2007
MultiWeb ViewerMultiWeb ViewerMultiWeb Viewer

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