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A innovative web browser that offers users a new approach to website navigation through three-dimensional pages and interactive content

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Browsing the Internet is a daily activity for an increasing number of users while the tools used to get around the web tend to become more diversified. An original concept that could take off and become quite popular if it is well implemented is 3D browsing.

For regular PC users this can be achieved through one of the specialized tools like INTERNET-3D. An intriguing program, to say the least, this particular browser is far from what you would expect from such a software.

First of all, it doesn't work like any of the Internet navigation utilities you've seen before, mainly because it is not about type and go. There are a number of websites loaded in the application, you just have to find the one you need and access it.

The simple job of going through the built-in pages and opening them is not quite as uncomplicated as you would expect it to be. With INTERNET-3D you will need to use the navigation keys on your keyboard to move around what seems to be a shopping center with many departments, which are, in fact, website categories.

More awkward is the situation where you manage to find a webpage you need and want to open, only to notice that the default system browser will have to take care of that. So, it's not inside INTERNET-3D that you can load and view the online content, it only serves as a starting point.

Adding new content, like bookmarks and other common things is not possible and if when you access the 'Add your Website' feature from the right-click menu, you will be taken to the program's webpage to fill a form.

All things considered, INTERNET-3D sounds like an interesting idea, but the implementation is rather poorly carried out, which will lead most users away from this application.

INTERNET-3D was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 3rd, 2015
INTERNET-3D - The application's main window displays a virtual city, displaying websites grouped together as mallsINTERNET-3D - Entering any mall allows you to access any of the websites in it, which are displayed in the form of storesINTERNET-3D - You can view pages of a website in the form of shelves and you can access any of them with a double click

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