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A simple web browser that provides support for HTML 3.2 and features a tabbed interface, cookie management functions and SSL support

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OffByOne is a web browser that takes pride in running completely self-contained, blocking popups and allowing trace-free browsing, in the attempt to ensure higher security.

However, the technologies it is compatible with (HTML 3.2) are considered ancient history at the present time, which is the reason why some modern webpages might not be loaded correctly, if not at all.

Lack of support for recent technologies

The browser has not received updates for a long time, which explains its faulty behavior and the slow loading speed. The interface reminds us of a classic Windows 98 application, having nothing in common with the latest versions of more popular navigators.

OffByOne does not provide support for Java or Flash, so viewing pages based on these technologies is impossible. Their layout is simply distorted and some elements are removed, due to incompatibility issues.

Unimpressive appearance and basic security features

Unlike other applications in its category, it does not provide a standard address bar, so you must enter the desired URL in a popup window. However, the navigation, refresh, home and stop buttons are there for you to use and the tab-based interface enables you to visit more than onw page at a time. Other functions include zooming and offline page saving.

The bookmark manager is replaced by a function called 'Hotlist', where you can store links that you find interesting. Alternatively, you can create a 'Favorites' list.

As far as security is concerned, OffByOne does not store cache to disk and erases any traces at the end of a browsing session. Moreover, you can disable cookies and use SSL to encrypt data transfers.

A faulty web browser with unremarkable looks

OffByOne might have been a good alternative to Internet Explorer years ago, but it fails to meet even the minimum requirements for a browser nowadays. Aside from the totally unimpressive look, its lack of support for modern web technologies results in low browsing speed and the impossibility to load some pages.

Off By One Browser was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
Off By One Browser - Hotlist tab window of The Off By One Web Browser where you will be able to select from Add Current Page or Web Search options.Off By One Browser - Options tab window of The Off By One Web Browser where you will be able to select from Cookie Support or SSL Support options.

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