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A useful web browser that provides a lot of features to ensure the user's privacy is well preserved, while the Internet navigation is fast and smooth

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Navigating the web is an activity most of us are very accustomed with and the tendency is to carry it out on a daily basis. Since most users have already decided on a preferred browser or a combination of them, it can be difficult to gain followers in this field for newcomers or for the lesser known applications that are around for quite a while.

QtWeb is one such example, as it came about a few years back and even if it boasts an interesting set of features, there are not too many users that use it regularly. It has, nonetheless, the advantage of being portable, so it can be deployed and used efficiently even from a storage device like a USB flash drive.

The interface is less pretentious and ornate since it is focused on functionality and practicality. Even if it is a utility that few are accustomed with, QtWeb is compatible with the other players in this category, at least insofar as the bookmark importing is concerned. Thus, it is able to extract the favorites from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and even Safari.

A neat feature of this software is the ability to generate PDF files fro the currently loaded page. All you will have to do is choose 'Save as PDF' and then configure the color mode, page size, orientation and margins to have the new document generated on the spot.

Privacy is highly valued and QtWeb comes well equipped in this area as well. More precisely, it offers users the possibility to start private browsing sessions or disable potentially dangerous components like JavaScript, cookies, plugins, user agent and even images.

Taking into consideration the strong set of functions that are packed inside this browser, especially the privacy-related features and the extra tools it comes with, it's safe to place it among the best choices in its category.

QtWeb was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 20th, 2014
QtWeb - QtWeb is a useful and portable web browser which allows you to navigate through the InternetQtWeb - The File menu enables you to open a new window or tab, import the bookmarks and save the website content as PDF documentQtWeb - You can navigate to the History menu if you want to restore the closed tabs, view the last accessed websites or clear the historyQtWebQtWebQtWebQtWebQtWebQtWebQtWeb

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