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Cross-platform QtWebKit browser

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QupZilla provides you with a cross-platform web browser intended for all users, no matter their IT expertise and knowledge level. This particular browser allows seamless integration with users' desktop environments as well as adds several distinguishing positively received features within the community.

QupZilla utilizes WebKit in order to support contemporary web standards. For the seamless integration of the browser within the desktop’s environment alongside its native look and feel, additional effort was put into the process. Moreover, the browser includes the integration of history, web feeds and bookmarks in the single location.

Furthermore, it also presents the ability to take screenshots of entire pages and Opera-like "Speed dial" homepage. QupZilla consumes fewer system resources than the major web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Although based on Mozilla’s flagship web browser, QupZilla strays aside in terms of extension compatibility and also features a totally different Preferences window.

Overall, the plus side of QupZilla refers to three major advantages in terms of speed, look and feel as well as preferences. The speed it renders web pages is one of the remarkable things about it, recommending it for those slow Internet connections you may bump into when connecting to public wireless networks with your laptop.

The plethora of settings you can tweak with QupZilla also recommend it for advanced users including profile creation and on-the-fly modification of the user agent identification. One of the few drawbacks with QupZilla is the overall size of the project and the possibility of it suffering from a sudden death as soon as it gets under your skin.

All in all, QupZilla is quite a nifty web browsers, loyal to the look and feel of your desktop no matter the operating system, fast enough to turn heads and customizable in depth. While not as popular of software moguls such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera, QupZilla is a truly better-than-average web browser alongside the likes of D+ Browser or Dooble.

QupZilla was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on January 27th, 2015

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