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A comprehensive and easy to use web browser that provides you with the basics of visiting websites and creating bookmarks from their addresses

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Web Browser 2013 as its name so obviously lets you know, is a an application you can use to navigate the Internet.

It’s not really light on your hard drive, as far as web browsers go, but it is easy to install so you have that working for you. At a first glimpse you can say that Web Browser 2013 displays a minimalistic interface but once you start clicking here and there you understand that that look is due to the fact that it can do very little for you.

Web Browser 2013 is by all means an Internet browser. That part of it functions quite well and it even keeps loading times similar to that of popular browsers. Of course, this depends on the structure of the website you are loading, its content and your Internet connection speed.

The shortcomings that Web Browser 2013 encounters reside mainly in the way things work. For example, after you type in the address of the website you want to visit, hitting the ‘Enter’ key doesn’t work, for that you have to click the ‘Go’ button.

Another downer is that you can’t open a new tab but rather a new instance altogether. It’s not a pleasant thing since you have no clue of what each of them contains because the title bars don’t display the name of the opened website.

In a lot of cases an application is first judged by how well it does what it can do and only afterwards attention is given to what it can’t. This is why the bookmarks section, needs a bit more work. Though you can save bookmarks, accessing them later is a bit troublesome. They are all stored in a list and can be opened with a simple click of a mouse. It takes just one so be sure not to click the wrong one because it replaces the website you are currently visiting.

A solution to this would seem to open a new instance of Web Browser 2013 and choose the bookmark from there. But doing so you might have the not so pleasant surprise of seeing that all the bookmarks have been erased.

In closing, besides the fact that you can enter website links, visit them, and go back and forward between pages, Web Browser 2013 doesn’t offer you anything else.

Web Browser 2013 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Web Browser 2013 - You can use the main window of Web Browser 2013 to access various websites.

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