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A useful and fast Internet browser based on the Chromium core which makes it stable, reliable and customizable with themes and extensions

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Superbird is a fast, slick application that enables you to browse the Internet at fast speeds. It’s created using the Google Chrome source code so right off the bad you know that is has a stable core around which it is built.

Being based on Chromium, it’s interface is that of Google Chrome’s. Not that that’s an issue. You can clearly enjoy browsing through the use of a minimalistic interface that offers quick access to all of the application’s important features.

Superbird can be customized using themes and extensions you get from the Chrome store and you have a huge amount to choose from, so making Superbird look good is a sure thing. The available themes and extensions are equally easy to add, customize, remove and function just as well as they do in Chrome.

The browsing speed that Superbird offers is probably the most important factor that can set it apart from Chrome. In Superbird, pages load near to instant if not so, but that depends a lot on your Internet connection speed and computer configuration. Nevertheless it runs smooth and fast.

Like Chrome, whenever you add a tab, a new process is started and if that tab breaks down, it won’t affect the entire browsers’ performance. Besides the look and feel of the browser, Superbird also borrows the same stability that Chrome offers.

From Superbird you can also login to your Google account, enabling you to use the Gmail and Drive features that Google offers. Another feature that the browser implements is the use of the ‘Incognito window’. This allows you to browse the Internet as you normally do but with a big difference. Once you close that browser window, all traces of browsing history are deleted, making sure your privacy is maintained.

Superbird can be a good alternative to Google’s Chrome browser since it’s basically the same thing but only by testing it thoroughly can you determine which one is better.

Superbird was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 26th, 2015
Superbird - The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to navigate to your favorite websites.Superbird - Opening the context menu, you have the possibility to reload the current page, translate it and view its info.Superbird - From the Customize and control menu, you can add a new tab, view bookmarks, zoom in and out, as well as access application settings.SuperbirdSuperbirdSuperbirdSuperbirdSuperbirdSuperbirdSuperbird

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