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A smart and highly-featured web browser that allows you to surf safer and faster than Internet Explorer.

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Total Orbit Browser is a multi-tabbed web browser that aims to compete with Internet Explorer when it comes to speed.

The interface of the program is simplistic and familiar. You shouldn't have a problem in getting around its features if you are already familiarized with Internet Explorer.

So, you can use a search function on the current page, along with the undo and redo buttons, open the last closed tab, as well as refresh or stop the page from loading.

But you can also change the text size (standard, small or large), view the source code in an external editor, create and manage a favorites list.

Furthermore, you can access a RSS feeder, enable a popup blocker, view and delete cookies, clear private data (browser cache, history and cookies), view security information (on links, cookies and encryption), enable anti-spy, as well as disable Fraud Protection and JavaScript Monitor.

In "Settings" you can change the homepage, startup mode and interface language, edit computer information (e.g. current user), create a list of blocked websites, set downloading parameters (e.g. handled extensions), add search providers, and more.

The web browser uses a very high amount of system resources and includes short descriptions for each major feature. Total Orbit Browser did not freeze or crash during our tests.

However, it popped up a couple of errors when we tried accessing "History" and "Cache" in the Tools menu. Plus, it did not manage to open the last closed tab and lacks some important functions, such as private browsing, multiple user mode and even keyboard shortcuts (except for exit, refresh, settings and help).

All in all, Total Orbit Browser is not impressive in any way, not even when it comes to speed (it's not different from any other web browser, from this point of view). Also, we expected it to consume less resources, since it prefers to be minimalistic in appearance and functions. We suggest you look for a more powerful web browser.

Total Orbit Browser was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 10th, 2012
Total Orbit Browser - Total Orbit Browser has many useful features including support for reading RSS feeds.Total Orbit Browser - A reliable and smart Popup Blocker is also available. You may also configure this blocker by entering the allowed sitesTotal Orbit Browser - Total Orbit Browser also has its own download manager that will allow you to quickly and easily download certain items from the internetTotal Orbit Browser - Many other useful tools are included in Total Orbit Browser, beside the RSS feeds support or the Popup Blocker

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