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Easily access your Google programs from Windows OS




TrayOS is a small but handy utility that you can use in order to connect to your Google accounts more efficiently.

The app is designed to make working with Google's products faster and easier by utilizing similar functions to those found in the operating system from Google, ChromeOS.

However, unlike Google's operating system, it is designed to be used from within Windows so you can still enjoy many of its features without having to worry about using a different OS and being unable to use your Windows applications.

Amongst its features, it gives you quick access to all the Google products that you use such as access to your mail, Google documents, chat and pictures. In addition, it also allows you to work more efficiently with Google's web development and advertising tools such as Analytics, Translator, Adsense and Adwords.

TrayOS will store the most commonly used Google programs memory and started automatically in background mode. This means that using Google's applications is a bit more like using applications installed on your computer so that everything becomes significantly faster.
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
TrayOS - In the main window of TrayOS, you can connect to your Gmail account and browse through your emailsTrayOS - You can explore detailed information about your connections by signing in to your Google Contacts accountTrayOS - You have the option to place an event in Google Calendar, by filling in the date, name, and a short descriptionTrayOSTrayOSTrayOSTrayOSTrayOSTrayOS

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