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A small browser that aims to provide an innovative manner of opening web pages and surfing the Internet, with minimal system requirements

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UC Web Browser PC was designed as a desktop version of the popular UC Web Browser - the mobile version, available for Android, iOS and Symbian powered devices.

The PC edition is being developed by a different company than the one that issues UC Web Browser mobile, but the similarities in appearance and functionality are remarkable.

UC Web Browser PC sports a rather unconventional approach, having been designed as an emulator console that comes across as minimally invasive on system resources. It depends on Java for a successful runtime, but this is the only compulsory requirement.

As opposed to the majority of the navigators on today’s market, this one can be run on a less than average computer and features a set of advantages that can hardly be exceeded.

The upsides of UC Web Browser PC include superior browsing speed, a high level of data compression (up to 90%) that can significantly reduce the costs of your Internet plan, a multi-tabbed environment that can be handled by any user and an enhanced level of privacy protection.

As mentioned, the interface of the browser is materialized in a console emulator that can be easily resized to show more elements and can be customized via themes. You can operate it without a keyboard, thanks to the built-in key dialer that you can use to write addresses or to search the web.

The browser is dominated by a single menu that bundles several commands for managing history, bookmarks and various preferences. Also inside this section you will find a smart download manager that allows you to pause or resume downloads easily.

The idea behind UC Web Browser PC is that of an unpretentious, but reliable web navigator that can replace your regular browser at any time. The level of data compression is just amazing, but the cost is a slightly less comfortable browsing environment.

UC Web Browser PC was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on April 8th, 2015
UC Web Browser PC - UC Web Browser PC comes with a minimalistic interface that allows you to start browsing in no time.UC Web Browser PC - After you input a web address, UC Web Browser PC will open it in the mobile micro emulator.UC Web Browser PC - You can select from the zoom and the cursor mode and optimize the browser's layout.UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #4UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #5UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #6UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #7UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #8UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #9UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #10UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #11UC Web Browser PC - screenshot #12

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