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A user-friendly web browser that comes with additional tools, such as an image viewer and a HTML editor, aside from the standard browser feature set

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The web browser section is dominated by a handful of software solutions that gained their popularity thanks to reliability, ease of use and flexibility. Still, there are numerous other applications out there designed to address the particular requirements of users, comprising options that go beyond the standard feature set of a navigator.

One good example is Ultimate Browser, a simple web navigator that provides additional tools, namely an image viewer and a HTML editor. The integrated picture viewer can open both local and online images, providing support for common formats such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, ICO, PNG and EMF.

Despite its simplicity, the HTML editor is very useful to developers. It features syntax highlighting and line numbering, enabling you to preview the corresponding webpage as you make modifications to the code. Furthermore, the browser includes a source viewer

The multi-tabbed interface allows you to access multiple webpages simultaneously and work in a user-friendly environment, where ease of use is the key word. The GUI includes the standard navigation buttons, neatly displayed alongside the address bar and the search form, which enables you to select the desired engine from various alternatives.

Ultimate Browser also features webpage history, a bookmark manager and an integrated file downloader that helps you get all the files you need and save them locally.

The application can assist you in creating a custom list of prohibited websites, an option that is mainly intended to help parents protect their children against dangerous online content.

There are a few glitches that need revising, such as the impossibility to resize the window. Also, a session management tool wouldn't hurt, since it is quite frustrating not being able to restore your recent tabs in case of a crash.

While it doesn't benefit from the popularity of well-known navigators, Ultimate Browser can be considered a reliable utility that can be used for online browsing. However, some improvements are a must to make it more appealing to users.

Ultimate Browser was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 3rd, 2014
Ultimate Browser - The main window of Ultimate Browser allows users to access any website that they wantUltimate Browser - From the File tab, users can add a new tab or open another window, as well as save the current pageUltimate Browser - The Tools menu allows users to choose the component that they want to use, such as the File DownloaderUltimate Browser - screenshot #4Ultimate Browser - screenshot #5Ultimate Browser - screenshot #6Ultimate Browser - screenshot #7Ultimate Browser - screenshot #8Ultimate Browser - screenshot #9Ultimate Browser - screenshot #10Ultimate Browser - screenshot #11

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