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A fast web browser built using the Chromium engine that targets security issues, bundling features and options that can protect your private data

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Aviator is a Chromium-based Internet browser that focuses on security, trying to protect your computer against hacking attempts and other online threats. It aims to prevent others from intercepting your private information and avoid viruses and other malware from reaching your PC.

Improved security settings

The browser comes with a set of pre-configured security-related options that are meant to prevent data theft and reduce the risk of having your computer infected by malicious programs.

The first thing that might draw your attention is the 'Protected' button displayed inside the address bar, indicating that Aviator is configured not to log the browsing history, cookies or the cache, in order to protect your privacy while navigating online.

Aviator comes with the 'Disconnect' extension installed by default, which can help you identify third party advertisers and tracking attempts coming from the webpage you are currently visiting. This way, you get full control over the way your private data and browsing habits are shared. Unfortunately, the browser considers this a mandatory security addon, so it does not allow you to remove it.

By default, the application disables every ad on the webpages you access, while also blocking cookies and warning you about suspicious URLs. It features phishing and malware protection and prevents traffic tracking.

Includes the standard tool set of a browser

Its core is built upon the Chromium engine and you can notice that as soon as you launch it. Its interface is very similar to that of Google Chrome, which makes it very intuitive and easy to get accustomed with.

Aside from this, Aviator bundles the standard set of tools that you can find in any Chromium-based browser, such as an integrated bookmark manager, history logging, automatic form filling, proxy support, a built-in download manager and so on.

A Chromium-based browser with enhanced security functionality

The enhanced security features that Aviator comes with make it worth your time, considering the ever-increasing number of online threats. Its purpose is to provide a more secure way to navigate online, enabling you to enter private data without worrying about someone else stealing it.

Aviator was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on February 6th, 2015
Aviator - You can use Aviator to quickly and safely navigate to the webpage you want to visit.Aviator - Aviator's main menu enables you to access the integrated bookmark manager.Aviator - Aviator also comes with a built-in task manager and specialized tools for developers.AviatorAviator

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