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Great browser that optimizes your online media experience

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Wyzo is a web browser that aims to improve your online media experience via speed and functionality.

Installing Wyzo is easily accomplished, but you should keep in mind that it automatically installs some third-party components that it doesn't need to work properly (unless you switch to custom installation mode) and to make some changes to your web browsers.

The user interface of the application is simplistic and similar to Firefox. You can import bookmarks from other web browsers, use a search function for text, as well as the "Undo" and "Redo" buttons.

But you can also select a preferred character encoding, switch to full screen mode, view page source and a history list of the last visited webpages, create and organize bookmarks, as well as get extensions, view a downloads list and the error console, start private browsing, clear recent history, and more.

In the "Options" menu you can configure FireTorrent (a built-in torrent client), set the default directory for downloaded files, assign a master password, change network, update and encryption options, and others.

The web browser uses a moderate amount of system resources and is faster than some similar software. However, it doesn't necessarily bring something new to the table (besides the built-in torrent client which is certainly a major advantage) and doesn't have an available help file. Even so, we suggest you test Wyzo for yourself. It is simple to use by individuals of any level of experience.

Wyzo was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 7th, 2012
Wyzo - The main window of Wyzo allows users to navigate online fast and easy.Wyzo - From this menu you can choose the type of items you want to have displayed.Wyzo - This menu offers you the possibility to view your recently visited websites.WyzoWyzoWyzoWyzoWyzoWyzoWyzoWyzoWyzo

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