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An intuitive and easy to use portable browser that enables you to navigate the Internet, bookmark pages and view an extensive history

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This is the portable version of Firefox, one of the world's most popular web browsers. Due to the fact that it is portable, you do not have to install Firefox. Plus, your Windows registry entries will not change in any way.

You can also place X-Firefox on an external device (such as an USB flash drive), take it everywhere with you and easily run it on any computer.

This program copies all the functions found in Mozilla Firefox, so do not expect to find anything more or less. Unfortunately, you cannot run X-Firefox while an instance of the normal, installed Firefox is working.

While X-Firefox is working, the computer uses the same normal amount of system CPU and memory, just as its predecessor. Navigating websites is done just as easy as with the desktop version and there are almost no differences in loading times or page rendering.

We were also able to access Firefox's main functions in this portable version, such as private browsing, bookmark creating and organizing, add-ons managing, "Firefox Sync", "Web Developer" features and master password inputting.

In other words, we strongly recommend using X-Firefox when you don't want to clutter your Windows registry with web browser traces, or when you want the possibility of quickly accessing Firefox on any computer, without going through the installation process.

X-Firefox was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 7th, 2015
X-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-Firefox - X-Firefox is a comprehensive portable Internet browser that allows you to navigate the Web.X-Firefox - The browser features a modern menu with icons for each tool that it offers, including view history or manage add-ons.X-Firefox - In private browsing mode, X-Firefox does not keep browser history, cookies or temporary Internet files.X-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-FirefoxX-Firefox

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