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Web browser with a simple interface and multi-tab support, along with download, plugin and filter managers, which doesn't need to be installed

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XBrowser is a lightweight web browser equipped with tab and plugins support, along with download and filter managers. It has intuitive options.

No setup necessary, besides .NET Framework

It's not wrapped in a setup pack, so you can save the files anywhere on the disk to launch the web browser. However, it requires .NET Framework installed. An option is implemented for installing the application on NTFS-formatted flash drives as a portable product.

Simple UI with multiple tabs and plugins

As far as the interface is concerned, the tool opts for a simple look and doesn't put emphasis on graphics. It adopts several elements from older Internet Explorer editions, such as a drop-down list for viewing visited websites.

The only plugin supported at the moment adds a transparent background to the web pages, and it can be disabled. While it's possible to add and remove multiple tabs, we have noticed that pages which should open in new tabs are launched in an IE instance instead.

There is no right-click menu available, nor support for looking up information on search engines directly in the address bar. Although there is a bookmark bar displayed, there are no options for creating or importing bookmarks; the only one listed is Google, which is also the default homepage.

Download and filter managers

XBrowser has a built-in download manager that lets you specify the saving directory and file name on the hard drive, as well as a filter manager for protecting children from inappropriate content by adding keywords.

Furthermore, you can view a page's source code, close all tabs with one click, enter fullscreen mode, switch to simplified viewing mode by hiding all menus and bars, save and print pages, view page properties, and modify the default homepage. By default, the utility automatically checks for updates, but you can disable this, as well as ask it to delete all scripts on exit.

Evaluation and conclusion

It loaded webpages and downloaded items in decent time in our tests while remaining light on system resources consumption. However, XBrowser is still a work in progress (beta) and has plenty of issues and missing features. At the moment, it cannot be used as a primary web browser.

XBrowser (formerly XWeb) was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 25th, 2015
XBrowser (formerly XWeb) - You can select an HTML file or URL address and view them, as well as add browser pluginsXBrowser (formerly XWeb) - From the File menu, you can open, save or print a webpage and also view its propertiesXBrowser (formerly XWeb) - You can access the View menu to enable simplified or fullscreen modes and also close all tabsXBrowser (formerly XWeb) - The Tools menu allows you to access web plugins, view the page's source and open the Settings windowXBrowser (formerly XWeb) - From the Plugin Manager window you can install or uninstall plugins for various functions, such as accessibility or file managementXBrowser (formerly XWeb) - screenshot #6

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