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A lightweight and easy-to-use web browser that enables you to surf the Internet and bookmark your favorite websites, as well as perform web searches

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The Internet is nowadays accessible from almost any location and any type of device, whether its a regular computer, a tablet or your mobile phone. In order to visit the desired pages, your device must incorporate a web browser, or you can personally choose the one you want.

Quickly access the desired websites

ZaydanMC Web Browser is a lightweight Internet browser that delivers a minimalistic interface and a limited set of features, meant to allow you quick access to any web page without encumbering your system with additional components. In essence, the application basically displays the selected website and the minimum amount of navigation buttons, such as backwards, forwards and refresh.

Right off the bat, the utility presents you with a personalized home page, which contains links to a few popular destinations around the world wide web, such as Google, YouTube or Facebook, which can be easily accessed by clicking on their respective hyperlinks. In addition, you can change the default home page to any website you desire, by accessing the options menu.

View the browsing history and save bookmarks

In addition, the application saves your entire web browsing history in a separate file, which can be visualized any time you want, in order to find forgotten addresses. The listed websites can be accessed directly from the history window, by performing a double-click operation on them. You cannot, however, clear the history directly from the interface, but you can head into its system folder and manually delete the files.

The same is true for bookmarks, which can be added by clicking on the designated button every time you find a web page worth remembering. These are stored on your computer as well and they also have to be removed manually. Unfortunately, the name of the websites in the bookmark list start with the path they occupy on your system, which makes them very hard to sort through.

In conclusion

ZaydanMC Web Browser comes with a few bugs and annoyances, due to the fact that it is barely out of development, but it can be successfully used as a web browser. The user interface is compact and intuitive, although it could use a bit work when it comes to bookmark sorting and the ability to view and clear the browsing history.

ZaydanMC Web Browser was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
ZaydanMC Web Browser - You can enter the desired web address and surf the Internet in the main window of the application.ZaydanMC Web Browser - The Tools menu enables you to reach the application's settings and parameters.ZaydanMC Web Browser - You can change the default home page by accessing the General tab in the Options window.

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