GeckoFox (formerly iSearch Explorer)

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An easy to use Internet browser that enables you to easily access any website, manage downloads, remove cookies or clear the cache

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GeckoFox is a reliable and easy to use Internet browser that enables you to easily access your favorite websites, manage downloads or remove cookies. It enables you to open links in multiple tabs or windows and allows you to navigate the Web at high speeds.

Neat looking interface

The browser features a rather minimalistic interface, that consists of the address bar, a quick search bar, and the title bar, where you can find all the tabs or the main menu button. Symbol buttons next to the address bar enable you to load or refresh a page and access the navigation history.

Additionally, you may view the security symbol, that changes according to the level of trustworthiness of the current website. If a webpage presents hidden or suspicious content, the browser can detect such behavior and mark it with a specific alert.

Reliable download manager

GeckoFox features a reliable download manager tool, that enables you to view the completed transfers, as well as monitor the progression of on-going downloads. You may view the percentage and amount of transferred kilo bytes, as well as the file name or the destination folder.

Additionally, you can easily access the history tab, and open a page you have visited recently, clear cache or show available cookies. The quick search bar enables you to enter you query and find it on Google or Bing, with a few clicks.

Known issues

The browser offers you convenient functions, but it also misses a few important features. Such as it is, it does not feature Back or Forward functions, meaning that you need to visit the history window in order to access a previously opened page.

Moreover, the context menu does not contain the option of saving images, only copying their content to clipboard. Also, you may not save bookmarks and the browser automatically clears all cookies when you exit it.


GeckoFox is an easy to use and reliable tool that enables you to navigate the Internet at high speed and easily manage your downloads. It features a neat looking interface with conveniently placed command buttons and easily accessible tabs.

GeckoFox (formerly iSearch Explorer) was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 22nd, 2014
GeckoFox (formerly iSearch Explorer) - GeckoFox is a simple to use, neat looking Internet browser that enables you to easily access any website.GeckoFox (formerly iSearch Explorer) - The context menu enables you to easily open a link in a new tab, view the source of a page or prepare it for printing.GeckoFox (formerly iSearch Explorer) - You can open a link in a new tab of a new window, manage downloads or easily clear cache and cookies.GeckoFox (formerly iSearch Explorer)GeckoFox (formerly iSearch Explorer)GeckoFox (formerly iSearch Explorer)

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