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A simple to use piece of software that offers you the basic and simple means means of browsing the Internet and managing page bookmarks

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Photon is a lightweight web browser that makes it possible to surf the web in a simple way.

It displays a user-friendly interface which makes it extremely easy to use by just about anyone, regardless of their experience with computers. Photon offers you the use of big colorful back, forward, bookmarks and home buttons as well as two for adding and closing tabs.

That’s one thing about the browser that might disappoint a bit, the fact that you can’t use keyboard shortcuts to open or close tabs. Apart from other less known browsers, Photon displays the titles of the websites that are opened which makes it that much easier to switch from one to another.

Photon also offers you the possibility to create website bookmarks so you can revisit them anytime you want. You don’t have a dedicated bookmarks option in the context menu so you have to manually add them. It’s not as convenient as it is with popular browsers but it does work and you can even set one of them as the default homepage.

The context menu though has the ‘Open in new window’ option and you’ll be surprised to find out that when it’s used, it indeed opens the link in a new instance but with Internet Explorer. It’s a bit strange and that’s not the only case it happens. You can also trigger it by clicking to open an image on a website.

Page load times are noticeably longer than those of popular web browsers but it’s not really a reason to overlook the application. It opens them in a second and that applies to large websites. You do however get the commonly know ‘Script Error’ window now and again and at one point, that becomes a serious enough reason to consider looking for an alternative.

In closing, Photon is a nice little browser to experiment with when you’re curious to see what else if out there, but it's not one that you’ll be keeping on your computer for a long time.

Photon was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 17th, 2014
Photon - The main window of the Photon browser can be used to access the websites you want.Photon - This is how you can use the right click context menu to change the encoding.

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