MSN Content Installer

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MSN Content Installer automatically installs MSN packs such as winks to your MSN Messenger





MSN Content Plus is a suit of custom MSN Messenger content enhancement tools and packs.It contains thousands of winks, emoticons, moods, backgrounds and packs, and it will contain magic tools on schedule. MSN Content Plus makes your MSN conversation distinguished and amazing.

The tools consist of MSN Avatars Creator, MSN Emoticons Plus, MSN Winks Plus, MSN Moods (Dynamic Display Picture) Plus and MSN Content Installer. We will develop more tools in schedule. With MSN Content Installer, to install content packs such as Winks, Moods, Backgrounds and more, you only need to download the packs and double click the packs.

The packs include thousands of Winks, DDPs, Emoticons, Backgrounds and more. We will add more packs in schedule.


■ MSN Messenger 7.0 or above.
■ Internet Explore 6.0 or above.

Note: MSN Content Installer is freeware, but it only works for registered user of MSN Content Plus.
Last updated on June 13th, 2005
MSN Content Installer

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