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Full-featured and very powerful add-on script for mIRC

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mIRC is a popular messaging app that is widely used due to the numerous scripting possibilities it provides, so it comes as no surprise that numerous developers have used their skills to come up with products that customize and enhance mIRC’s functions. Such a third-party software is mIRC Power Pack, which was created to meet gamers’ needs.

During the setup of mIRC Power Pack, one can specify the components they prefer, while still getting the possibility to deactivate the optional ones and keeping only the required core ones.

When used for the first time, the app requires users to download and install mIRC, then create a profile or import an existing one which should contain various details such as the nickname, connection type, email address and password.

Once all the fields are properly filled in, one can launch mIRC and enjoy the new functions added by mIRC Power Pack. Thus, users can connect to up to 30 Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels using different nicknames and contact addresses for each network.

Each of these accounts can be stored in several profiles that can be easily exported, then imported to the same app installed onto another computer - so that users no longer need to fill in the same details again.

Among the extra features mIRC Power Pack brings to mIRC, one could mention the integrated game browsers and automatic DCC Allow Management for ETG as well as the automatic recording of the entered passwords (so as to save users’ time).

Furthermore, pressing the F1, F2 or F3 keys will display three distinct panels with a wide range of shortcuts, ranging from Windows utilities to Steam and third-party apps one might have installed on their PC.

All in all, mIRC users who are also passionate gamers are bound to appreciate the numerous functions provided by mIRC Power Pack.

mIRC Power Pack was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on April 5th, 2013
mIRC Power Pack - Accessing the MPP menu, users can view extensions such as Address Book, Security Level and MMP Away System.mIRC Power Pack - Users can select the default game tool and the user profile by accessing the mIRC Power Pack Control Center window.mIRC Power Pack - Accessing the Connections section, you can add server details, select the number of connections and toggle to use IdentDmIRC Power Pack - screenshot #4mIRC Power Pack - screenshot #5mIRC Power Pack - screenshot #6mIRC Power Pack - screenshot #7mIRC Power Pack - screenshot #8mIRC Power Pack - screenshot #9mIRC Power Pack - screenshot #10

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