Akila'ize GChat

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A handy instant messaging application that you can use to communicate with your friends using the Akila'ize cryptographic language

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Akila'ize GChat aims to provide an alternative to Google Talk, enabling you to keep in touch with your friends using a simplistic chat application. Its main characteristic is related to the use of the Akila'ize cryptographic language, in an attempt to make the conversations difficult to read by other people than the two interlocutors.

An intuitive chat client

The application acts like a Jabber and Google Talk client that requires a Gmail account to login. You can instruct it to automatically sign you in at launch by remembering the username and the password.

Its main window is similar to that of any IM client, displaying the list of buddies, as well as contacts that are not yet in the friends list. Adding a new contact to the list requires you to enter their Gmail or Jabber e-mail address.

Unlike other applications from its category, Akila'ize GChat does not allow you to configure an avatar picture or change your availability status. However, you can enter a status message to be associated with your account.

Encrypted messages and text-to-speech capabilities

The chat window is simple, enabling you to quickly send messages to your interlocutor. However, it cannot open new conversations in different tabs and emoticons are not available.

The integrated text-to-speech engine (with both female and male voice) can be used to automatically read the messages you sent or receive, which can come in handy in case you are working, but still want to hear what your friend is telling you.

As mentioned above, Akila'ize GChat can use the Akila'ize language to send messages. When encrypted, the letters of each word are interposed with characters of the 'Akila'ize' word, making it more difficult to read. Unfortunately, there is no integrated translation tool in the messenger.

Communicate with your friends using a secret language

Akila'ize GChat enables you to chat with your friends using the Akila'ize language, making the conversations inaccessible to others. It is a handy instant messenger for Gmail users, allowing them to communicate with each other using an intuitive desktop client.

Akila'ize GChat was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on April 30th, 2014
Akila'ize GChat - You can use Akila'ize GChat to chat with your friends in the Akila'ize encrypted language.Akila'ize GChat - Once you log in, Akila'ize GChat enables you to view the list of friends, marking the ones who are online.Akila'ize GChatAkila'ize GChat - The chat window enables you to send messages to your interlocutor in Akila'ize or English.Akila'ize GChat