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Camfrog Operator Tool is a free and useful op tool designed for use with the 3rd party software Camfrog Video Chat

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As its name suggests, Camfrog Operator Tool is a handy application that can be used with Camfrog Video Chat in order to assist Camfrog chat room operators in running specific commands. Its main purpose is to provide easier and fast access to all the administrative functions that operators need.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the application's interface may seem a little crowded, since it comprises all the functions in a single window. On the other hand, having all the commands in one place enables you to manage the chat room more efficiently.

In order to activate the commands, simply enter the room's title and press the 'Initialize' button. The available commands are split into three categories. The first one enables you to manage the connected user list, the second refers to the operators and server friends, while the third is related to topics, statistics and other configuration options.

Using Camfrog Operator Tool, you can easily block or ban users and connections, apply punish timeouts (for instance, for inappropriate language or off-topic messages), as well as send private messages to others. The application enables you to manage banned or ignored users, view the operator list, remove operators or add new ones.

The webcam can be set as mandatory for those who want to enter the chat room or you can even create an exclusive chat room, where only teens are allowed.

Additional chat room management options are available, enabling the operator to easily set a new topic, enable or disable the moderator mode, remove bots or set the maximum number of simultaneous connections. Anti-spam tools, talk time limitation, customizable punish timeout and chat room entry password are some of the other advantages that this app brings you.

All in all, Camfrog Operator Tool can come in handy for any Camfrog chat room operator, providing a 'control panel' that brings together all the administrative commands.

Camfrog Operator Tool was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 13th, 2013
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