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Chikka Text Messenger provides the community with a versatile SMS application that helps you quickly and easily send international text messages to your friends and acquaintances.

Available in more than ten countries and forty mobile carriers, Chikka was first established in the capital of Philippines, Manila. Started back in 2000, Chikka had already connected to all the major carriers in Philippines by 2004 and since then, it has spread across the world reaching the United States of America, the United Kingdom as well as other European countries such as Italy and Spain alongside the Asian states of India, Indonesia, Japan or Hong Kong.

Chikka is a Filipino word that translates into ‘small talk’ as a noun and effortlessly mingling as a verb. As a side note, Chikka may just be first successful commercial web and mobile apps integration and interconnection in the world, with users being able to use both in order to communicate amongst them.

Moreover, the Chikka Text Messenger also represents the world premiere for an application software that binds computers and mobile phones together through text messaging. There are many apps created for Chikka Text Messenger, including an online messenger, a Chrome extension, a Facebook App as well as applications for the Android and iOS platforms.

The Chikka Text Messenger for your PC is actually a pretty comfortable program to use in the same note as all the popular instant messaging clients. Its clean-cut interface alongside the provided features makes a pretty good first impression that can prove to resist the test of time.

To sum it all up, Chikka Text Messenger is the computer counterpart of all its other versions spanning across various platforms. It does its job exemplary and that is all it matters when it comes to pieces of software from its category.

Chikka Text Messenger was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 26th, 2013
Chikka Text Messenger - With the help of Chikka Text Message you are able to easily send text messages to your friendsChikka Text Messenger - You have the possibility to change your status, view your profile and message logs or access the Settings windowChikka Text Messenger - The application enables you to easily add a new friend, send message to selected contact and view offline buddiesChikka Text Messenger - screenshot #4Chikka Text Messenger - screenshot #5Chikka Text Messenger - screenshot #6Chikka Text Messenger - screenshot #7