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A comprehensive and reliable instant messenger that allows you to easily communicate with your friends and family on the Internet

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CyberTalk Messenger is yet another Instant Messaging service that facilitates long-distance communication through voice, video and text.

Some of its most important highlights include private messaging, room chats, support for webcam and microphone, a generous collection of emoticons, privacy management, as well as the possibility to change status messages.

Although sporting a decent array of features, CyberTalk Messenger brings nothing new to the market, partly because the software branch aimed at IMs is already filled with many choices, but also because some of its abilities are buggy and fail to work properly.

The application’s design is cool, we’ll admit to that, although its responsiveness in what user commands is concerned disappoints. While browsing through its menus, we noticed that all of a sudden, everything had stopped working, being left with no possibility than to restart the application. And this didn’t happen only once.

Also, we tried to customize our profile and add a picture to our account, which turned out to be a tedious operation that didn’t deliver the expected outcome. No matter the format we would try to feed it, or the resolution of the picture, the graphics were always displayed in a faulty manner, due to (and we’re only guessing) an exacerbated level of compression.

Although the chat window has the same colorful and pleasant design and provides access to a rich collection of emoticons, it can’t handle large portions of text causing the application to crash.

Considering all of the above, we can safely state that CyberTalk Messenger requires a little more work to hit the stages where it would really attract the audience. At this point, its unresponsiveness and slow behavior is driving users away.

CyberTalk Messenger was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 7th, 2015
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