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All-in-one secure Internet communications tool that enables you to exchange not only messages with your friends but also documents





Filetopia is a lightweight and user-friendly chat client whose main purpose is to offer you a secure means of talking to friends over the Internet, that also features email functions and a component supporting file sharing between multiple users.

The application goes through a fairly simple and unimpressive installation process, during which you will need to set up your account by entering a nickname and reserving it, along with a password, to secure your connection.

Once connected, you have access to over two hundred channels grouped into common topics, such as ‘Games’, ‘Religion’, ‘Movies’, ‘Television’, ‘books and Crafts’, ‘Cartoons’ and several others.

To enter in a channel, you simply need to double click it and Filetopia will provide you instant access, being able to view who else is onling and send messages either to the entire channel or a particular user.

When connected to multiple channels, these are displayed in tabbed mode, allowing you to switch between them with ease. Filetopia supports sound capture devices, such as microphones, enabling you to actually speak with other users.

In order to chat only with your friends, you can send them a request and add them to your list, provided that they accept. Afterward, you will be able to exchange messages with them or send them files.

Another useful function offered by Filetopia is the ‘Search’ tool that lets you locate a file on other users’ shared folders, using a keyword. You can specify the category and the search location (a specific channel), subsequently allowing you to download the items you need to your computer.
Last updated on December 11th, 2002