Several MSN Messenger Sessions

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A handy software solution that provides users with the possibility to easily login and use two MSN email accounts at the same time

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Several MSN Messenger Sessions is an application that tricks MSN Messenger into opening multiple instances simultaneously. This is helpful when you have two or more MSN accounts and wish to log into all of them at the same time.

Easily connect on multiple accounts

One of the main disadvantages of MSN Messenger is that it allows you to access only one account per session. This can cause discomfort, especially if a member of your family or a friend want to log in into MSN while you’re using it. While the quickest solution may seem to log out, the simplest is to use an application such as Several MSN Messenger Sessions.

It’s the simplest because you’re efforts are greatly reduced once the application resides on your system. A great downside comes from the fact that the software is compatible only with version 4 of MSN Messenger, which is a very outdated edition of Microsoft’s Instant Messenger.

Quick setup and launch

However, if you still use that old variant, then you can install Several MSN Messenger Sessions. Deployment requires you to hit a few ‘Next’ buttons and usage is as simple as two clicks, literally. Instructions are available in the included help file, but they can be easily summed up.

First off, launch the msmsgs.exe file, after which you are required to log in to MSN with one of your accounts. The second and last step consists of running the executable again and a second IM session will be instantly open, allowing you to access a second account.

To end with

In conclusion, Several MSN Messenger Sessions is a good choice if you want to enable multiple MSN instances. On the downside of things, it’s compatible with a very outdated edition of the messenger and software updates are less likely to be issued any time soon.

Several MSN Messenger Sessions was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
Several MSN Messenger Sessions