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A simple and intuitive application that enables you to create notes and reminders that you can keep on your desktop or share with friends via email

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ShixxNOTE is a reliable application that enables you to set reminders for yourself or for other users, in order to remember important tasks or recurring events. The software enables you to create colorful memos and keep them on your desktop, or send them via the Internet, to your friends.

Colorful memos for a good memory

Every time you wish to create a new desktop note, it is generated with the default size, color and font format. However, it is easy to modify these aspects and customize the memo, by setting the color of the background and the title bar, rename the memo and select a different style of writing. the software enables you to split your text into paragraphs, add bullets and convert the words to all uppercase or lowercase.

The software features several pre-set color themes, but you may select any tinge available in the spectrum, in order to make your notes more visible and catchy. Additionally, you may create alarms for each reminder, that can be set to go off a single time or to be recurrent.

Moreover, your note may stay on your desktop until you delete it, or disappear on its own, if you set an expiration period. Thus, a note can expire after an hour, at the end of the day, or at a specified date in the future. The default expiration term is Never.

Share memos over the Internet

The software enables you to import or export notes to .SHX format, and send them over the Internet to other users, or automatically attach them to emails. A note may be sent via the local network, when you specify a computer’s name or IP address, or via the Internet, by email. You may create several contact groups and send batches of emails with attachments, at once.


With ShixxNOTE, you can create catchy reminders for yourself or send memos to other users, via the local network or via the Internet. You may schedule future events or tasks, with periodic reminders and alarms. Each note is highly customizable, from fonts and background colors, to date format, show scroll bar or ask for confirmation when deleting a note.

ShixxNOTE was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
ShixxNOTE - ShixxNOTE is a simple application that enables you to create reminders and notes, then keep them on your desktop.ShixxNOTE - The software enables you to modify the text format, add bold, italic or underline effects to is, as well as add bullets or paragraphs.ShixxNOTE - You may create several notes, with custom font and background color, to which you may assign recurring alarms.ShixxNOTE - screenshot #4ShixxNOTE - screenshot #5ShixxNOTE - screenshot #6ShixxNOTE - screenshot #7ShixxNOTE - screenshot #8ShixxNOTE - screenshot #9

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