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A practical and reliable instant messenger that helps you to chat with your friends and send files using an encrypted connection

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TorChat is a peer to peer instant messenger that helps you to chat with your friends and colleagues and transfer various files.

Because it is designed using Tor hidden services, the application provides you with strong anonymity while being very easy-to-use. All you have to do when adding a new contact is to specify the TorChat ID and the display name. After a delayed time that takes a couple of seconds or minutes (depending on how far is the contact you want to connect to), the application will add the contact in the list and enable you to start chatting.

The program runs from any USB hard drive, so it will not affect your computer performance nor interact with any other software installed onto your system.

After launching TorChat, you will see a window from where you can add as many contacts as you want. Still, you can view one contact, labeled ‘myself’ followed by 16 numbers and letters, which is your unique address that can be used inside the Tor network. Using that address, you can start chatting with your friends.

When a friend of yours will try to contact you, a floating pop-up message will fly out across your desktop and stop in the right corner. After pointing your mouse in the same position with the message, the text will disappear.


Taking into consideration that the utility uses all the characteristics of Tor’s services, you can be rest assured that all traffic between the clients is encrypted so no one will know where are you from. Therefore, each time you want to initiate an outgoing connection to a specific address, only the owner of the private key will create a connection with you, so you can never end up at the wrong counterpart.

All things considered, TorChat proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to initiating encrypted connections between multiple contacts, using Tor hidden services.

TorChat was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on November 4th, 2013
TorChat - This is the main window of TorChat where you can view all your contacts and start chattingTorChat - When you start a conversation, you will be able to eiter paste or type your messageTorChat - This is the way TorChat will offer you the possibility to add new contacts to your listTorChat - screenshot #4TorChat - screenshot #5TorChat - screenshot #6